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Corian Worktops

What is a Corian Worktop?

Corian Worktops is the leading material for the most meticulous customers. Corian Worktops materials are an excellent product of versatility, durability, and striking beauty with affordability.

What is the benefit of Corian Worktops

The Corian Worktops material has a lot to offer. It has a very sleek, non-porous, hygienic and non-allergenic surface. Corian Worktop does not promote the growth of mildew, mold or harmful bacteria. In addition, stubborn stains cannot penetrate into possible scratches making it very easy to clean. Corian Solid Surfaces do not wear or rot under pressure, is impact resistant, and scratches are easily repaired. Surprisingly, Corian Worktops does not require a special sealing.

Corian Worktops is customizable, giving you a vast array of Design Choices. Corian Worktop can be formed into limitless shapes through a process called thermoforming. It is ideal for many projects including residential, commercial and inventive projects, providing stunning beauty with its inconspicuous seamless surface. It is distinctively created, not just for beautification but also for a firm quality installation that will last for many years.

How are Corian Worktops made?

High Quality Corian is an integration of 1/3 acrylic polymer or polyacrylates with 2/3 of bauxite mineral filler and pigments, resulting in an extremely strong product. It is chained together to create a slab or a sheet.

Corian Worktop Materials are used for creating beautiful and easy to maintain kitchen and bathroom vanity tops. It is also an ideal product that is used in the making of worktops, showers, cladding more appealing with an integration of splash backs, integral sinks among other exciting applications. Corian Solid Surface materials are the top choice for architects, planners and designers specializing in healthcare, food service, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and of course, homes.

Corian Worktop Specifications

High Quality Corian Work Surface is heat proof and extremely stable at temperatures up to 212℉ (100℃). However, we still recommend not putting utensils on it, which have a much higher temperature than its thermal point.

Corian Work Surface has three surface types including high gloss, semi-gloss and matte satin. Now, because of the most recent engineering technology, we can provide the 12mm Corian Solid Surface Worktop with a downturn of 60mm -100mm.

The Corian Palette now expands to more than 100 attractive and trendy colours, letting customers accomplish the most distinctive elegant home kitchen style, design or dramatic theme.