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Tristone Worktops

Inexpensive yet same quality as Corian

Kitchen Worktops Image"Tristone Worktops have been voted as one of 'Europes Best' work surfaces. There is no doubt that the Tristone Brand is an excellent performer, with durability and functionality being a main part of its reputation. Tristone Worktops are often compared to Corian Worktops, they share many of the same attributes in every way, without the cost. Tristone was fabricated to produce seamless worktop surfaces for both the commercial and private sector. Tristone offers superb design choices allowing you to be creative and imaginative. All Tristone Worktops are backed with 10 years manufacturers warranty as guarantee. The top three qualities that all kitchen and bench worktop materials should have, are quality, functionality and price. Your Tristone Solid Surface will meet that criteria. By selecting Tristone Kitchen Worktops you are making one of the best choices for aesthetic appeal and excellent performance.

Kitchen Worktops

  • Tristone is attractively priced
  • Tristone is NSF-51 certified
  • Tristone is tough and durable
  • Tristone is a Superior Quality product- best for your kitchen worktops
  • Tristone is non-porous, - best for food preparation areas
  • Tristone is heat, moisture and stain resistant
  • Tristone is naturally hygienic, therefore helping eliminate bacteria, moulds and mildew.
  • Inconspicuous seams, UV resistant
  • Tristone is impact resistant
  • Integrated sinks, bowls and coved backsplashes
  • Tristone can be easily repaired
  • It is simple to maintain and provides a long lasting renewable surface

Tristone Colour Range

We have a range of over 20 Tristone Colours and patterns available, offering you that ideal choice for your Kitchen Worktops. Some of the most popular colour choices are Pure White, Beige Sands, Sweet Peanut, Gold Twilight, Black Pepper, French Roast and Frost Land, just to name a few. Tristone Worktops sometimes have the natural irregularities of stone in each piece that makes for an attractive surface, highlighting its unique qualities amongst other solid surface materials.

About Tristone Worktops

Kitchen Worktops by Tristone are competetively priced. Tristone is made from 100% acrylic solid material. Composed of high performance acrylic resin mixed with natural minerals, the Tristone brand is manufactured to make those high end durable worktops. Tristone solid surfaces are perfectly suited for use both in commercial settings and domestic interiors. For dining tables, hotel reception desks, office counters, restaurant work stations even your solid surface sink, there will be a Tristone Colour to match. In your bathroom, shower bases, cubicles, wall cladding and bathroom bowls, Tristone solid surface will unify your design, providing that contemporary look . Available in12mm (0.472 in) to any thickness.

Tristone kitchen worktops are very easy to maintain and simple to clean and polish, to achieve that eye- catching glossy finish. Tristone Kitchen Worktops have a renewable surface and with proper care and maintenance will provide you with years of excellent service.

If you are looking to replace your old, damaged kitchen surfaces or perhaps deciding on a completely new elegant look for your entire kitchen,choose Tristone solid surface kitchen worktops. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost, and final result without compromising on looks, quality and performance.

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